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Even though Bera’s household is highly attached to politics and Bera himself can become bordered by this fact as well as compose songs inning accordance with his political sight, he never does so. He explains the truth of his country from the eyes of his generation and also speaks what he thinks. Bera believes that there are some concerns that trouble him much like various other citizens as well as tries to express these ideas in his tracks. Thus, he denies that his tunes are about national politics as well as indicates that he always sings regarding the truth around him. No matter which government will remain in the head, he always talks just what he thinks about is true. In his songs Bera never criticizes the activities of government and never highlights that he’s a family member of “Georgian Dream Event”. Still he supports his father and his suggestions. In among his tracks- “Qartuli ocneba” which suggests Georgian dream Bera sings regarding the unfairness in his country. Underlines that Georgian individuals are tired of this unfairness as well as require the motivation and also a push to stand up as well as combat in order to safeguard their civil liberties. With his tunes Bera tries to awaken the sensation of patriotism as well as devotion inside residents of Georgia.

Bera Ivanishvili does not call his listeners fans, he calls them his fans who share his ideology. For Bera each and every single listener is valuable and appreciated. He doesn’t call his audiences followers, he calls them his supporters who share his belief He states that people like him due to the fact that they feel his dedication in the direction of the songs. Listeners recognize that each and every single word in Bera’s track comes from his heart and every sentence in his rap is honest this sincerity is the only key of his accomplishments. When individuals comprehend that you actually appreciate their belief and also you share exact same troubles as they do, they start fallowing you. The primary trouble is not to lead them in a wrong instructions and be really mindful with your messages. That’s the hardest task I’m dealing with. The majority of people use their power in an upside-down but all I aim to do is to earn people realize that unity as well as strength is the vital to liberty.

Bera states that he is a daydreamer. His life as well as profession would never succeed without fantasizing. He explains that his very first song was created at the age of 11. He was in France and also while sleeping the verses of a song suddenly came to his head. Next early morning he got up early, took paper as well as pencil as well as began writing down his track. Finally his very first song we produced. From that time on, he never quit fantasizing since for him, fantasizes created better truth. As a matter of fact individuals could lead their desires in an excellent way in addition to in a bad way. If desires remain dreams for the remainder of our lives, we will certainly not have the ability to end up being successful. However one should always struggle to make his/her dream ahead true. For me, I achieve success since I recognize that my desire is accomplishable and also I placed a struggle each day in order to become more detailed and also closer to it. as I get to success I do not consider myself already a successful person. I continuously o whatever to improve my profession. I offer myself tests that eventually I will become just what I fantasize nowadays. This process I necessary for each person’s growth.

Bera highlights that he is excessively essential in the direction of himself. This critics consists of mainly his tunes. As he begins dealing with his new song, Bera becomes entirely committed to it. He thinks about this track 24/7 and aims to consider every possible means making it appear better. He states that he lives together with his track everyday and adhering to weak after the track is launched. He attempts to be essential In each and every single detail in his song and tries to make it as near to best as possible. Bera likewise highlights that he does not only take notice of individuals who continuously commend him, praises as well as sing along. He believes that those individuals who consider his song in extra important means are one of the most important individuals. Although Bera is amongst a lot of well-known stars all over the world, and also is pals with the majority of them, he says that he does not like to participate in the celebrations. The reason why he is a friend with such famous people is not that he aims to come to be more detailed to every celebrity, however due to the fact that he has to deal with very same manufacturers as they do. Bera hates fakeness and also tries to stay himself. Even in such a phony career as vocalist, he still tries to stand highly with concepts and also morals and also never breaks them. Since person who is not genuine will never have true pals as well as partnerships

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