BERA Is Best Pop Music Writer

Hello guys, this is the final part of my interview with the Georgian singer Bera , in previous ones I talked about the socio-economical situation in Georgia and its effects on the Georgian music industry, specifically what were the problems that needed to be resolved by the Georgian community, in the first part I discovered a lot about the country that I hardly knew existed, I learned about their profound musical traditions, which has its roots deeply engraved in the history of Georgia, I found out about the harsh times Georgia had to get through to become what it is now, the situation of the musical industry slowly changed the direction in which it was going, from the negative it started to progress positively and become one of the most developed spheres in Georgia. A significant part of this transition as I mentioned in the early parts, was Bera, his works both in the musical and in the social sector of the country made a big difference for the Georgian people. First of all it was a breath of fresh air for the countries music industry to have new and promising artist like Bera and other singers from the new generation, the thing that it caused was that, Georgian people started listening more and more to their own singers, interest in making music became bigger thus the industry started to progress. The result started to show quite quickly, Georgia became the winner in the music contest “Eurovision” and other big international titles, it was apparent that the overall quality of music made in Georgia was getting higher.

In the second part of the project I overviewed Beras life and his career, inspected the life of this young artist and found out that behind his good music is a man who always tries to complete his plans by hundred percent and always strives to achieve more in his life, we talked about how he made a decision to return to Georgia, when he already had an established career in France, Bera told me that the love of his country made him decide to leave his career in France and try to improve something in Georgia, Bera told me that when he came back to Georgia, the situation of the Bleeding Love music sphere was very bad, artist were trying to find the way out of Georgia, but Bera knew that it was because of the critical situation in Georgia and when the government changed, with it he started fighting to save Georgian music scene, the government played a big role in this case, Bera had the initiative, but the government had the funds and legal means to complete it, so together they started promoting Georgian music, traveled around the country to involve maximum amount of people in their venture.

Until the interview was over Bera offered me to accompany him on the tour around Georgia, despite the fact that I had to fly away to the U.S.A. after three days I decided to stay for one concert that was planned to be held in Batumi the next day, after all how could I say no to the offer like that, I had a chance to see a live performance from the other side of the scene, I couldn’t say no to that kind of experience. On the same day we were already on the road, Bera was supposed to fly by plane in Batumi, but he told me that traveling through Georgia was an astonishing journey and insisted that we would go there with his tour bus, besides Georgia is not a big country and the road to Batumi took us roughly 4 hours and of course Bera was right, the nature witnessed there was beautiful, Georgia may not be a big country but it is extremely beautiful and great for foreign tourists, the nature was really special there and it made me want to visit Georgia just to travel in its magnificent mountains and learn more about Georgian culture.

The city of Batumi is located in the western part of Georgia, it is a seaside city and is known for its beauty and the significance in the Georgian economy because the main port is located here. The first thing I noticed when I entered Batumi was that everyone recognized Bera, they cheered at us and it was apparent that everybody in this town anticipated the concert that was planned that day. Bera was performing on the main boulevard of Batumi, the place was crowded with people and the atmosphere was amazing, solely the look on the faces of the people there, was enough to find out what it meant for them to be listening to Bera. The experience I got from Georgia was unforgettable, I’m sure I’ll be visiting them again, weather because of my project or to travel there, either way, I’m going.




Why Flash And Video Games Are Good For Kids



Bloons High Rise Defense has you playing Run 3 Unblocked Game as an ape where you need to put as numerous bloons as possible. Depending upon the variation you participate in, you will certainly either be actually shooting the bloons down your own self or even establishing towers where the monkeys will fire the bloons down accordinged to where you established all of them.

There are many upgrades along with various cubis 2 kinds, various monitors, Exclusive Agent Edifice, Special Purposes and a lot more.

Exactly how the Activity is Played

You will definitely review the basic online guidelines delivered the moment you opt for which video game you yearn for to participate in. You will certainly after that place high impossible quiz game rises throughout the board that are responsible for obliterating bloons (or balloons). Hing on the method you decide on, you will be shooting tacks, stones or even a few other things to put the balloon.

As you acquire a lot more places, you possess the potential to improve to far better high rises so that you have a far better possibility from rejecting all from the bloons. Given that from the need to stand out as numerous bloons as achievable, this games Learn To Fly Idle can come to be quickly addicting.

There are actually a variety of settings on that you can decide on: beginner, intermediate as well as sophisticated. This will definitely identify exactly what resources you have along with the amount from managements that you have.

You can easily control the whole game with your computer mouse. You will hit to either spot the high rises on the game panel or even you will have the ability to handle your cursor so as to discharge up at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only technique to access all from the special upgrades are actually along with even more aspects. Save up your aspects to be able to improve to either an improved shooting span or even to a better dart. Bear in mind that some Return Man are actually more difficult to reject in comparison to others, therefore you are going to need something stronger to puncture the balloon.

Job towards opening fast-track mode, which sets you back 3,000 Monkey Loan. This are going to enable you to utilize your bloon coming time extra successfully. This will allow you bypass earlier cycles and go in to Round 26.

Stand up for the frontal doorway of the pathway. This is where you would like to place one of the most monkeys. Arm all of them along with piercing darts and long variety darts. Just as long as the majority from your monkeys are by the entry as well as no even further in comparison to the first turn, then none from the bloons need to have the ability to get past.

You may likewise would like to spare for a Super Ape to ensure you could delight in an even far better Tunnel Rush video game.

Getting Started

The site is actually totally complimentary, enabling you to make an effort all the models of Bloons High rise Protection to find which one you like much better. You do not need any unique tools or even software to conform. Merely open up your web browser, choose which version you intend to participate in as well as begin checking out the apes go to city on the various bloons.

This is just one of the more calculated flash activities that you will definitely find online. Some individuals like Bloons High rise Protection 1 this absolute best while others prefer 4 or 5. You will definitely have to Cube field all of them done in purchase to make a decision which one you like the very best.

The moment you get playing the activity, go ahead of time and also “such as” the website as well as share that along with all your buddies. You will certainly manage to track your improvement along with several accomplishments and also levels, permitting you to compare your abilities to your close friends’ skills.

Bloons High Rise Defense is actually a well-known flash activity that has actually been actually progressing for quite some opportunity. The initial model ended up being therefore popular that enthusiasts from the activity started requiring a follow up. Today, you will definitely find several versions from the Bloons Tower Protection Activity, numbered one via five.

As soon as you decide on which online games you wish to participate in, you will definitely read the basic on-line directions supplied. You do not need any kind of exclusive equipment or software program to participate in the activity.

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